Welcome to my web site! On the About page you’ll find a short and long bio and an explanation of why I’ve named the site Split/Sun.

Great Stuff for Writers contains my blog posts on just that: valuable information I’ve found on the blogosphere on the craft and business of writing and publishing, tips on how to use social media and other kinds of technology, pieces on the writing life, things that are just fun, and occasionally my opinion on some development in any of these areas.

Critique Technique features my articles on how to give effective and useful critique to other writers. This is an on-going series that will eventually number over 60 posts. At least, that’s how many I have planned right now. There could be more! Many of these posts were originally published on another blog and over time I’ll be reposting them here so you won’t have to go looking for them elsewhere. You can subscribe to these posts either by e-mail or RSS using the links in the sidebar.

The Contact page is what it says it is, and you can also reach me via the social media and e-mail buttons in the sidebar.

Over time I have plans to add other features and services, including a monthly newsletter and podcasts, and as I publish my novels and short stories, I’ll add links to all the places you can buy them. Some will even be available directly from this site eventually.

Thanks for stopping by.