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Tile Be Seeing You

The big push this past week, and coming up this week, is flooring. Tile-setter extraordinaire Kurtis continues to make progress on getting tile up on the walls and down on the floors, and the results continue to be spectacular.

Master shower floor

The tile in the master bath’s shower is smaller pieces of the tile that floors the rest of the room. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the master bath, the storage cabinet “towers” are now up on their granite pedestals.

Master bath towers

There’s still some trim and electrical work to be done, and the lights will have to be raised for better clearance above the yet to be installed mirror, but placing the towers marks another step completed. The faucets look good with the granite, even though we selected them months apart. “Blind squirrel finds nut,” as the saying goes.

The same is true for th...

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Counter tops and walls–getting closer to completion

I know I’ve been silent for the last couple of weeks. Stress had me out of it for the week before last, and then this past week, while the stress is under better control, it was just a very busy week. That’s not to say that nothing has been happening at the house; lots has! Let’s talk counter tops first, then the walls above them (and elsewhere).

We’ll start with the master bath. Wherever there were windows, I had a hard time getting a shot that wasn’t half washed out by reflected glare. This was the one shot here that worked.

Master bath counter top

Unfortunately, the shots in the laundry didn’t come out so well. This is the best one.

Laundry counter top

I really wanted this green stone to go in the guest bath...

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Starry, Starry Night…

“…Paint your palette blue and gray / Look out on a summer’s day…”

When it comes to the floor in my house, I can’t help thinking of Don McLean’s song “Vincent,” which starts out with the title of the post and those next two lines. It’s an homage to Vincent van Gogh, and there certainly has been artwork committed on my house. No face on the barroom floor, this.

You may remember that I had this idea to embed the white quartz that’s all over my property in dark-blue-stained concrete and then have both polished. And I wrote about how that dream turned out not to be possible in reality. Well, what happened in its place is done and it’s nothing short of beautiful. For example, the great room went from this…

Great room floor layer 2

…to this…

Great room floor, layer 1

…to this.

Finished great room floor

And the kitchen went from this…

Kitchen layer 2

…to this…

Kitchen layer 1

…to this.

Finished kitchen floor

And somethin...

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