New Home: A Quiet Week Before the Final Push

Not much has happened this week. With the bamboo for the office floor needing the week to acclimate, tile and flooring setter Kurtis took the week off. Pretty much everything else depends on that floor getting done. The final push to finish everything will resume on Monday.

“Monsoon” has arrived in this part of Arizona, though, which is a good thing. This literally is a monsoon–which just means a change of the prevailing wind direction–in our case from west or southwest to southeast. With the monsoon comes lots of moisture all the way from the Gulf of Mexico, which means thunderstorms and the bulk of our average 14″ of annual rain. The storms tend to be very spotty: raining like crazy at one spot, bone dry five miles away.

Saturday was a good rain day, with 0.6″ delivered between two storms. And between those two storms, this rainbow, seen from the front door of my current house.


The only other happening this week is part of the continuing saga of our local electric utility, the Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC) and their ongoing efforts to drive the rooftop solar industry out of their service area, while punishing those of us who have installed such systems already–with their (the co-op’s) past encouragement and financial help!–by quintupling one of the key rates they charge us. Back in May I testified at a hearing on SSVEC’s “rate case” (their request to raise rates) before an administrative law judge. Today (Sunday) and next Sunday I’ve had and will have a pair of op-ed pieces published in the local paper. Here’s the link to the first one. They’re playing a really nasty game of trying to make us (3% of their residential customer base) the villains while they try to raise all of their residential customers’ rates.

Ultimately the Arizona Corporation Commission will decide whether SSVEC gets a rate increase, and if so, how much it will be, but I just couldn’t stand by while they, their CEO in particular, repeatedly slime us.

We should know how all of this is going to play out before the end of the year.




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