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Water You Doin’? Moving In

Water You Doin’?

The past two weeks I’ve been consumed with moving in and by the end of each day, I’ve been too pooped to blog. And then there was last Friday.

I got to the house about mid-morning with another load of stuff, only to discover a sizable puddle of water on the dining room floor. Uh-oh! I hustled the box I was carrying into the office, and on the way discovered that the water extended into the powder bath on the other side of the dining room wall. Uh-oh! (Or something. I might have used stronger language.) (Sorry, no pictures. Not only did I not have a camera with me, I had other priorities than photography.)

Luckily, the day before I’d brought over all the new towels I’d bought for the house, and it took every bath and hand towel in the house, plus a few washcloths to sop up ...

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Mine! (Almost) All Mine!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy as we finished out most of the last of the construction details, got the final inspections done, and finished all of the paperwork. All before the HOA’s July 31st deadline. While Bill and the subs continue to work on the items on the punch list, I closed on the mortgage on July 26th and the Certificate of Occupancy was issued on the 27th. The house is now officially mine! (Well, my trust’s actually.)

Certificate of Occupancy

GREAT! Now I can move in, right?

Uh, not really. It would be nice to have some furniture, maybe. So on August 1st, the new beds were delivered–and I managed to have the queen and the two twins put in the wrong rooms...

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