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Spider Update

I have no idea why or how Facebook chooses the photos it does from this blog to feature there, but the close-up photo last time of my unwanted visitor

Spider Close-up

sure got lots of attention. Thanks to all my Facebook friends for their comments and suggestions.

The latest news is that on Tuesday or Wednesday morning, I stumbled bleary-eyed into the kitchen only to discover a critter looking much like the one in the photo hanging out in the sink. OK! I’m awake now!

While it looked a little smaller than the one I’d seen previously, I really wasn’t interested in getting out a ruler to check. You can imagine.

But no matter, it looked like it wasn’t having much luck climbing the vertical, apparently slick (even for it) walls of the basin, and since that happened to be the basin with the disposal at the bot...

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Life on the Urban Interface–Sharing the Space with the Wildlife

Apologies for not having posted in a while. Between spending a week in the Washington, DC, area and dealing with getting the old place ready to put on the market, there hasn’t been much time or mental energy left over for posting.

Anyway, since even before I moved in, I’ve been asked if I’ve seen any wildlife. Until recently, the answer was no. Folks on the construction crew had–deer, a bobcat–but other than the birds that are around all the time and the lizards that climb the walls as if they were horizontal surfaces, I hadn’t seen anything interesting. At least not on the property.

I had seen a couple of mule deer trying to cross the state highway that leads to the entrance to this development one morning, and a few miles farther south I’d seen a wild turkey hen and her four chicks runni...

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