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Tile, (Counter) Tops, and Tight Fits

The work on the interior “fittings,” if you will, of the house is now underway in earnest. With the cabinets installed in the pantry, kitchen, and bathrooms, one of the next steps is to “template” the counter tops. “Templating” means getting their exact–and I do mean exact–measurements. As George, the installer said, if they get them just wrong, a thousand-dollar slab of granite is ruined and his company ends up doing the job “for free.” Well, not free, exactly, but they don’t make any money on it. This is definitely a “measure twice (or three or four times, cut once” kind of job.

So with interior designer Edith supervising…

Edith supervises

…and George measuring down to the 32nd of an inch…

George measuring

…I was, um, supervising. Yeah, supervising! That’s it! (OK, and taking pictures...

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Paint and cabinets

The interior is beginning to look like a house! Last week, actually starting the week before, the interior got its first two coats of paint. “Agreeable gray” turned out to be an agreeable choice. Not white, exactly, but certainly not dim or dismal. It’s a color that will let others stand out.

The big news, though, is cabinets–in the kitchen, the pantry, the laundry, and the bathrooms. And what a difference they make! The kitchen went from this…

Empty kitchen

…to this…

Kitchen, northeast corner

…and this…

Kitchen, northwest corner

…and the island looking like this.

Island and north side of kitchen

Here’s a peek inside the pantry.


And one into the laundry.

Laundry cabinets

And in the master bath…

Master bath cabinets

… those cabinets standing in the door into the closet will be towers on either side of the central mirror.

The lighting in these pictures isn’t so great because I was working only with ambient light...

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