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Starry, Starry Night…

“…Paint your palette blue and gray / Look out on a summer’s day…”

When it comes to the floor in my house, I can’t help thinking of Don McLean’s song “Vincent,” which starts out with the title of the post and those next two lines. It’s an homage to Vincent van Gogh, and there certainly has been artwork committed on my house. No face on the barroom floor, this.

You may remember that I had this idea to embed the white quartz that’s all over my property in dark-blue-stained concrete and then have both polished. And I wrote about how that dream turned out not to be possible in reality. Well, what happened in its place is done and it’s nothing short of beautiful. For example, the great room went from this…

Great room floor layer 2

…to this…

Great room floor, layer 1

…to this.

Finished great room floor

And the kitchen went from this…

Kitchen layer 2

…to this…

Kitchen layer 1

…to this.

Finished kitchen floor

And somethin...

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I’m just floored–and that’s a very good thing!

Week 1 of Cannon Wood’s work on the floors is done and all I have to say is, WOW! How wow? Let me show you, starting with the walk leading to the front door. Before, it was just plain concrete:

Plain walkway

Notice the plain concrete of the entry porch too. But now it looks like this.

Painted walkway

And this (and all of the other exterior pictures), are before the final sealer is put on, which will bring out the colors even more.

When Cannon’s wife Susan and son Jacob were working on the entry porch a few days ago, it looked like this.

Entry porch in progress

The colors are being put on with sponges, not unlike the faux finishes that were so popular on interior walls a few years ago. In this case, the result is a faux slate. The darker color borders panels of lighter “stones.”

Nearly complete entry porch

So how did they get those grout lines between the individual ...

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